Certifying Wood Flooring and Parquet. Catas has published the Technical Regulations defining the performance requirements for wood flooring and parquet. The certification scheme distinguishes between film treatment (film thickness ≥ 20 μm, open and closed pore) and non-film treatment (film thickness ≤ 20 μm, oils, waxes).
The floor will be tested on
  • surface performance: ability of the treatment to protect the wood from dirt retention, abrasion, scratching, staining and the effects of sudden changes in temperature,
to obtain the CQA Wood Flooring and Parquet Surfaces mark.
If the boards will also be subjected to tests concerning:
  • mechanical resistance, e.g. verification of dimensional stability, indentation resistance and
  • emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in order to protect health in the home and work environment
they will obtain the CQA Wood Flooring and Parquet mark.
In addition to the audit to verify the production processes, the granting and maintenance of the mark requires the sampling of the product on which tests are carried out to assess the performance of the surface finish and, if you want to obtain the mark not only on surfaces, the mechanical resistance and VOC emissions.
Based on the achievement of the requirements, floorings are classified into two categories:
  • PLUS
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